Events management

From corporate events to a commercial one, from smallest events to a huge one, beerbal believes that each of them is the best way to make market feel the presence of the brand in that peculiar way in which the brand owners want to; therefore we offer our services for event designing, event management, event promotion. . Beerbal does Consultancy and planning of the zero waste event and campuses which involved deciding of zero waste alternatives (Products and services both), Designing the zero waste processes for the event, Elimination of activities inducing pollution of any kind. Briefing the organizing committee with education and training about sustainability, Visiting, Monitoring, managing and reporting of the zero waste recreations, in sync with 3R d (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle) Our involvement also continues in Zero waste event Execution like creation of material recovery facility ,entire Solid waste management, Venue mapping (No polyethene zone ,waste collection booths, waste segregation ,list of banned items, placing bins, educating of the process to audience ETC.), Deciding environment friendly Consumables and food ware, Training in-house staff and volunteers such that they help in zero waste execution of the event,, Identification of end sites and hauling process(end process of all waste products and processes), Determining methods for measuring and showcasing diversions of existing ways to zero waste alternatives, Sorting stations, Zero waste zones, Help centers, Feedback and evaluation, Post processes of the event (Cleaning and hauling up the resources to their end site).