Jatra is being organized in Indore since last 19 years. Fest aims at bringing community together and to keep traditional food and culture alive.  The three-day mega trade and Marathi food festival ‘Jatra’ was organized in city from October 26-28, 2018 at Poddar Plaza on Gandhi Hall campus. The fest had delicacies of over 50 varieties of Maharashtrian dishes.

Members of Marathi-speaking communities came together for preparation of traditional food to be offered at food stalls. Besides, there was a handicraft corner with artists from all over India and trade fair that brought a good exposure to business and brands to fellow visitors. Apart from varieties of cuisine, Lavani, the traditional Marathi dance, was also the main attraction of the three-day event.

The organizing committee members had a unique initiative this time as they planned the whole event on 3R standards (Reduce,Reuse,Recycle) and zero waste approach. They involved vendors and other agencies in this initiative too. Marathi social group was the first trust to take this initiative in the city for a community event. This commendable effort later received a lot of appreciation by local government bodies, visitors and environmentalists of the city.

The decision of a zero waste event came with a lot of responsibility, strict choices and alternative. At the beginning the vendors seemed to be a bit non-cooperative for the sustainable choices and processes because they seemed to be heavy on their pockets, but the active members of the Marathi social group trust didn’t give up and coordinated vendors and other agencies involved.

All the plastic disposable were replaced by bio-degradable disposable which takes less than 9 days to decompose, cling foil and aluminum foils were replaced by newspaper, packing materials were also eco-friendly. No multiple dustbins were kept, collection booths were created to minimize chaos and facilitate waste management, and sorting stations were made. The manpower was trained to handle and manage waste. With cooperation of team leaders and agencies involved, jatra 2018 was a successful green, zero waste and eco-friendly event

Due to adoption of 3R policies in the event of Jatra, organized by Marathi social group trust on the dates of 26th, 27th and 28th of October, 2018, following items were prevented from being land filled:

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